Introductory Cheerleading & Tumbling

Signature cheerleader Mckenzie 2015

We are so excited to offer a non competitive cheerleading program for beginners.

Our Introductory cheerleading and tumbling program is designed for beginners. The current program caters to those who have no experience to those that have done a few years of gymnastics/dance training or beginner cheerleading classes.

Our introductory cheerleading program covers Novice (beginner) through to Level 1. Students who wish to progress their skills further past level 2 are encouraged to join our Semi Competitive or Full competitive program to work with our higher level staff.

Most students spend anywhere from 1 term to 2 years in introductory cheerleading before moving onto the Signature Elite All Star Program.

Cheerleading Classes

Signature Cheer & Dance Studio offers All Star Cheerleading class. This is the type of cheerleading you see in movies such and Bring It on and on ESPN. All star cheerleading is a high energy fast paced sport that encourages athletes to develop strength, flexibility, endurance and team work. Signature Cheer & Dance Studio cheerleading classes cover the following areas.

Stunting: These are the lifts and skills performed by athletes holding another athlete in the air.

Tumbling: This is the gymnastic element of cheerleading and consists of everything from forwards rolls to backflips at higher levels.

Jumps:  Cheerleading has a very specific style of jumping that requires athletes to hit certain body positions during the height of the jump.

Dance: Cheer dance is a combination of fast paced sharp movements and body positions that are done in formation and sequence. Its often that last portion of the cheerleaders routine and requires lots of energy.

Tumbling and Acrobatics Classes – Currently included in all cheerleading classes.

Signature Cheer & Dance Studio tumbling classes cater to those who want to learn the basics of floor gymnastics. We teach everything from the basic body positions to Handstands, Rolls, Cartwheels all the way up to more advanced skills. Unlike gymnastics tumbling and acrobatics is only performed on the matted floor surface there is no beam, bars or vault to worry about. This means our tumbling and acrobatics students often progress more quickly in their skill achievements than our friends at gymnastics.


Novice: This level is for absolute beginners with no prior skills.

Level 1: Straddle sit (prep and extension), prep two feet, thigh stands, and single leg at waist height.

Level 2: Extension (two foot), single leg libs/heel stretch/arabesque, barrel rolls, straight ride basket

Level 3: Extension single leg, basket tosses, full down dismounts.

Level 4: Extended single leg dismount, 2 skill baskets, double down, switch up to extended 1 leg Stunt, High low tic toc


Novice: This level is for absolute beginners with no prior expereince.

Level 1: forward/ backward rolls, cartwheels, walkovers

Level 2: Standing back handsprings, round off back handspring, front handspring

Level 3: Multiple standing back handsprings, round off back handspring back tucks

Level 4: Standing back tuck, round of layout, round off back handspring lay

Signature Cheer & Dance Studio Timetable



Age Groups:

Primary School Aged (6-12 years) –

Training: 4-5pm on Wednesdays in Sunbury

Training: 9:30-10:30am on Saturdays in New Gisborne

Training: 5:10-6:10pm on Thursdays in Gisborne

Duration: 1 Hour per week

Special Events: Annual Showcase & End of year awards ceremony

Cost: $175.00 per term. Please see or Fees page for more details on whats included in the fees. 

Registration Fee: $60.00