Competitive Cheerleading


Signature Zodiacs is our Competition Cheerleading and Dance team. We currently offer competitive cheerleading to athletes 3 years of age to adult.

Competition season runs from June to November each year.

We offer 2 streams of competitive cheerleading Semi Competitive where students participate in only 2 regional competitions each year and Full Competitive where students attend unto 6 competitions per year including State Championships and an option to attend National Championships.

Why your child should become an SCDS competitive athlete:
1) Learn to compete because you want them to compete for the best jobs.

2) You want them to learn how to create and maintain a fantastic team culture because you want them to build strong family cultures in the future.

3) You want them to learn to both lead and follow because our country needs them to be the next generation of leaders.

4) You want them to learn to commit and sacrifice because you want them to become great parents.

5) You want them to learn to be accountable, selfless, disciplined, mentally tough athletes so as parents they will know how to raise young people who are the same way.

6) You want them to learn and demonstrate integrity, because the young people in their lives will learn about integrity by watching them.

2018 Zodiac Cheerleading Teams are:


Division: Mini

Age Group: 5-8 year olds

Level: 1

Type: Semi Competitive


Division: Junior

Age Group: 7-14 year olds

Level: 2

Type: Full Competitive


Division: Youth

Age Group: 5-11 year olds

Type: Semi Competitive

Hayley`s Comets Stunt Group:

Division: Senior

Age Group: 10-18 year olds

Level: 2

Type: Competitive


Division: Senior

Age Group: 10-18 year olds

Level: 3

Type: Semi Competitive


All new competitive athletes must be assessed prior to being placed on a team to determine the best possible team for the athletes skill and age. We welcom new athletes throughout the year.

For more information about our competition teams please see the Team Placement Handbook

To register your interest in being placed on a SCDS competition team please visit Competition Team Placement page.