TwinkleStars Presentation Day

Presentation Day

At the end of Term 4 we offer a Presentation Day. This is held in the last week of Term 4 and is optional. If you choose to attend there will be an additional fee of $60-$65 which includes the class, costume that the children get to keep, a special prize and you can invite up to 4 guests to attend the Presentation Day. Presentation Day is at your regular venue and day, there will be a slight time difference to allow time for the children to get dressed, photographs and presentation.

We try to keep it very low key,  this means less stress, more happy children, which means more happy parents – who are also happy because the whole affair only costs $65 for – including class, a costume, prize and admission for up to four people.

The focus is on your child’s success and enjoyment!

  1. The Presentation Day performance takes place in your regular venue. Your child is familiar with this environment.
  2. The class is done before a small audience of Family and Friends.
  3. Our ‘Family and Friends Days’ (at the end of each term) have been getting your child used to performing in front of a small audience. We have been building toward Presentation Day throughout the year!
  4. Low stress. You simply turn up and put your child in the costume that will be waiting for you! There is no need to let us know what size, your teacher will have a variety of sizes ready for the children._DAV0817.jpg

Rather than a big performance, on a high stage, with hundreds of children, in a big, unfamiliar theatre, our Presentation Day classes take place in your regular venue. Your child will be more confident in a familiar environment, where they will never leave your sight. The children will only be a few feet away from the parents at all times, so if they need a smile of encouragement or a hug then you are right there.

Its hard to keep the little ones happy and engaged for an extended time – that’s why we keep it short and because there is only one class performing at a time, you will see your child’s class for the entire time!   You don’t have to buy tickets, pay for extra rehearsals, photos, expensive concert videos or drive across town to a theatre and then pay for parking. You get to keep the costume and prize. You can expect to pay $300+ at some other programs end of year concerts!
If you participated in Presentation Day last year the costume the children get to keep is different to last year and there have been some improvements made to the fitting.

You are welcome to take photos and video you like as long as it is used for non-commercial purposes only.


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