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2020 Approved Solo, Small Group Competitions

2020 Approved Solo, Small Group Competitions Students may request to represent Signature Cheer & Dance Studio at any of the below listed competitions in 2020. Soloist and Small Groups of up to 4 members must advise SCDS staff of which events they are entering via the studio website Soloists and small group Event Participation Form.… Continue reading 2020 Approved Solo, Small Group Competitions

For your infomation

Why Cheerleading you ask?

Teaching kids to be Strong, Confident, Determined and Smart 7 days a week. Will your child be next to benefit from what All Star Cheerleading has to offer? There comes a day when our time as cheerleaders end. We trade bows for a briefcase, cheer shoes for high heels, and competitions for the “real world”.… Continue reading Why Cheerleading you ask?