2019 Proposed KB Program Timetable

Provisional 2019 KinderBallet Accredited Program Timetable

Age Divisions

Cherubs 1.5 years – 2.5 years (Parent Assisted)

Mummy & Me 2 years – 3.5 years (Parent Assisted)

Tots 3 years – 5 years

Kiddies – 4 years -5 years (4 year old kinder)

Next Steps 5-7 years (Prep- Grade 1)

2019 Term Fees

Cherubs & Mummy & Me $135 per term includes GST and Insurance

Tots, Kiddies and Next Steps $160.00 per term Includes GST and Insurance

Wednesday – Kilmore – Miss Lauren

9:15 Cherubs

9:45 Tots

10:35 Mummy & Me

Wednesday – Sunbury – TBA

9:10 Cherubs

9:45 Tots

10:35 Mummy & Me

Thursday – Gisborne – TBA

4:10 – 4:50 Kiddies

4:50-5:30 Next Steps

Thursday – Kilmore – Miss Lauren

4:10 – 4:50 Kiddies

4:50-5:30 Next Steps

Thursday – Sunbury – TBA

4:10 – 4:50 Kiddies

4:50-5:30 Next Steps

Friday – Gisborne – TBA

9:10 Cherubs

9:45 Tots

10:35 Mummy & Me

Registration is Open in the parent Portal under the Season KinderBallet Program 2019. 25% of the term 1 Fees Non refundable deposit is required to secure your place.


What we learn at the leader local sports star awards!

On Tuesday the 18th of October I attended the Leader Local sports star awards with My mum, husband and oldest daughter Ella who was a Finalist for the Young Sports Spirit Award.

The event was held at the MCG function rooms.

We were treated to finger food and drinks on arrival and then seated for our 2 course dinner. There were over 400 people in attendance.

It was a very special affaire.

The one of the highlights was the three guest speakers all recipients of the Victorian Leader Local Sports Star award in their youth.

Mathew Richardson – Retired AFL footballer for Richmond.

Jessica Gallagher – Paralympian – Competed in Netball & Basketball – won Bronze in the sligeghlm in vancouver – Long jump and javelin in London olympics, cycled at the Rio olympics and won a Bronze medal. – One of her long term goals was to be the first olympian to medal at a Summer and Winter Games. – This women is incredible.

Michael Klim – Retired Olympic Swimmer

Some of their advice was on social media. Jessicas advice was if your mum and grandma wouldn’t write it you probably shouldn’t.

Don’t read fan feedback after a bad game gets your really down.

The only opinion that matters is your coaches and your team mates.

Team work is critical.

Trust is the most important skill you can develop with your team mates.

Your team will support you when your in a difficult moment and you can give support when your team mate is struggling.

Getting to know your team mates outside of the sport. All good teams are close off the field which makes you stronger on the field.

Obviously the Highlight of the night was Junior athlete Ella being awarded Youth Sports Spirit award for the Sunbury Macedon Ranges Region. She was awarded the medallion for her achievements in cheerleading and dance at a state level.

Ella was very shocked and overwhelmed by the event but it is a moment she will remember for a long time. Especially making new friends from all over the state in various other sports.





Why I teach!

Studio Director Amy here. I thought I’d share a small bit about why I love teaching.

I love working with kids, I love watching them grow and develop into amazing people. I love helping my students to explore and learn. I am passionate about giving my students the opportunity to be brave and try new things in a safe and encouraging environment. My biggest pet peeve is unsafe dance and cheerleading training. The safety of my students is my first priority. This influences my decisions in every aspect of the studio. You can be assured that:

  • I only hire staff I trust to teach my own children
  • Only use music appropriate for each age and stage of development.
  • I only choose costumes that keep our students covered. No Bras and Nicker combo’s here. If I wouldn’t send my kids out in public in it you won’t see your child in it.
  • I will always have your child’s physical and emotional safety as a top priority.
  • Staff and volunteers will be fully qualified and experienced, hold first aid qualifications as well as a working with children’s check.

Dancing and Cheerleading should be fun but it should also be safe.

Thanks to OMG photography for the great photo.

Life, Kids, business and Chores!!!

So its currently school holidays and I’m busy getting ready to have major surgery in 7 days. Eek. For me that means getting the house in some sort of order, setting the studio to run for at least 3 weeks without me and getting my kids on board to help out more than they do while I’m recovering.

So today my day consisted of my usual chores sweeping the kitchen and living room, dishes, laundry and general tidying. Being a creative person our space tends to be cluttered and unorganised to the uninitiated. However I’m working to declutter and organise better my kids not so on board with it. So today’s challenge was the home office which holds not only my studio office, hubbies office and home office it also contains all the studios merchandise, stationary, costumes, advertising material, class props and equipment. It’s a cluttered mess. But today I tackled it with gusto and removed old, out dated and unused items and found a remarkable amount of space.

My girls also helped me deliver flyers in our local area for 1.5 hours and set to tidying their own rooms. When I suggested that tomorrow I set aside 20 minutes to help my 8 year old declutter and tidy her room. Her response nah it’s ok my rooms good like this I can walk from my door to my bed. Really???? Anyone else have kids like this????

Honestly it’s probably my own fault she’s a creative like me which means clutter doesn’t bother her as long as she can find what she needs.

Well we will see what tomorrow brings and wether I can persuade her to sort through some clutter tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Competition Updates

Getting Ready for State Championships

Wow its September already can you believe it. Its officially 2 weeks until our Competition students hit the floor at the AASCF Victorian state championships. Our teams are working hard to perfect their routines and put on fantastic performances across the weekend.

States is our biggest All Star competition in 2018 and we have a 2 Cheer teams, 3 dance teams, 1 stunt group and 2 dance doubles competing.

Our Mini Level 1 team Stella and Junior Level 2 team Gemini has put in extra hours this weekend with a special trip to visit our friends in Kilmore at Kilmore Arctics Cheer and Dance to have a practice on the sprung floor.

Look out for all the photos on facebook it will be a blast.


For your infomation

Why Cheerleading you ask?

Teaching kids to be Strong, Confident, Determined and Smart 7 days a week.
Will your child be next to benefit from what All Star Cheerleading has to offer?

There comes a day when our time as cheerleaders end. We trade bows for a briefcase, cheer shoes for high heels, and competitions for the “real world”. Suddenly, we’re adults. While we spend endless time in meetings and in our cubicles, it seems as though we may never identify with our former cheerleader selves. But much to our surprise, we slowly start recognizing our inner cheerleader in our new adult lives. Little did we know that our time as a cheerleader could really benefit us in the real world.

Comfortable in Front of a Crowd
As a cheerleader, whether you’re performing for a crowd, teaching a kids clinic, or competing, you spend the majority of your time in front of people. All this time spent in front of a crowd builds confidence to command attention. Suddenly, when you’re asked to give a presentation at work it’s not a problem for you. You’re used to delivering a message to masses of people so you won’t break a sweat showing a PowerPoint to a room of coworkers.

Master of Time Management
From practices, competitions, and events, a cheerleader’s schedule is always full. Thankfully, through the years, having a busy schedule has made us great at prioritizing. When the real world throws a handful of events at you, you’ll be able to manage your time without worry.

Conqueror of Conversation
Chances are if you’ve cheered, you’ve spent an evening or two selling raffle tickets or volunteer at events. Most times during these events you’ve been set free to mingle with guests and represent your school. You’re a pro at making casual conversation. This ease of conversation translates well in the real world when you’re at work events. You can show up to an event knowing hardly anyone, and leave knowing all attendees. Networking is never a problem!

Everyday Energy
In interviews I was asked to describe myself in one word. My answer – energetic. Cheerleaders can’t help to be, well, cheerful. You can conquer each day knowing that your sunny disposition will brighten the culture of the office._DAV6922

Early Bird
Cheerleaders are no strangers to an early morning. After waking up at literally the crack of dawn to begin the extensive process of getting ready for competition day, we’re used to coffee fueled early mornings. Need to be at work by 8:00 am? You can confidently get to work on time rocking expertly done hair and makeup without having to set multiple alarms to do so.

There’s a saying in the cheer world that goes something like “15 minutes early is on time, and on time is late”. Cheerleaders have been conditioned to be punctual. This mindset is well received in the real world. Showing up early for an interview or event always looks impressive. Your boss will always know they can count on you to be on time.

Because of cheerleading, we are ready to take on the real world! Thank you cheerleading for teaching us important lessons that benefit us not only as cheerleaders but as adults as well.

We Encourage kids of all ages to believe in themselves and their team.



So very excited to announce Kinderballet is Launching its brand new program for Tiny Dancers aged 18 months to 2.5 year.

Introducing CHERUBS…………..

Cherubs is Kinderballet’s program for children between the ages of 18 months to 2½ years. It gives a child’s caregiver a beautiful and unique opportunity to nurture their cherub through music and movement.
Carers enjoy an essential role in the class as they guide, support and nurture their small children through the program, as directed by the Kinderballet teacher.
The Cherubs program includes songs and movement, props and storytelling.
The program was created in collaboration with an early childhood specialist.
Cherubs pairs the principles of Early Childhood Development with the energy and fun of dance.
Each session is between 25-30 minutes and occurs once a week for a term.
Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 10 children per class.
It is a very sensory experience focused and physical sensations of movement and textures.
It gives a positive introduction to the routine of a structured activity.
The program meets the needs and expectations of this very specific age group.
It gives children the opportunity to enjoy exploring movement to music in a safe and nurturing environment.
It helps children develop musical and physical awareness as well as gross motor skills.

Cherubs gives very young children a positive introduction to a structured activity while addressing the needs and expectations of the age group. Cherubs is fully supported by a music program created by our composer, Jenny Pickering, and includes songs and movement, props and storytelling. It is a sensory experience in a safe, nurturing and joyful environment!

Ages: 18 months to 2½ years
Duration: 25-30 minutes
End of year event: (Not at this level)
*Fees: 3 class trial pack $40 and $14 per class (when paid termly)+ $10 insurance termly




This weekend our Competition students are off to the biggest competition of the year the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation National Championships.

Some families have expressed interest in coming along to support the SCDS athletes and staff.

Here is the information you will need.

Date; November 24th-27th
Location: Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre – Convention Centre Place – next to DFO and Hilton Melbourne South Wharf
Ticket Prices:
1 Day Pass
Adult $25
Child $15

2 day pass
Adult: $40
Child: $25

3 day pass
Adult: $60
Child: $30

Family Passes Available for 2 children and 2 adults.
Concessional also available.
Children under 5 free.

Floor Plan for the Venue.

OUR Nationals Team Times

Friday 24th

Taurus Poms – Perform 3:52pm (Hall C)

Hayley – Jazz Duo – Perform 9:06pm (Hall C)

Saturday 25th

Taurus Hip Hop – Perform 7:52am (Hall C)

Capricorn – Perform 11:16am (Hall B )

Taurus Lyrical – Perform 11:44am (Hall C)

Dani – Apllo – Perform 9:20pm (Hall B )

Hayley – Dreamelite – Perform 11:40am (Hall A)

Sunday 26th

Hall B
Virgo – Perform 10:24am

Hayley – Phoenix – Perform 11:04am (Hall A)

Rachel – Excelsior – perform 8:08pm (Hall B )

Dani – Mercury – Perform 11:52am (Hall C)