Making sure our emails are on your white list

This guide explains how to stop emails from going to spam through white listing them on Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook and Hotmail domains. White listing confirms with emailing providers that you would like to see emails from a certain address. Email providers sometimes mistakenly block or put emails into spam if they suspect that the email… Continue reading Making sure our emails are on your white list

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2020 Approved Solo, Small Group Competitions

2020 Approved Solo, Small Group Competitions Students may request to represent Signature Cheer & Dance Studio at any of the below listed competitions in 2020. Soloist and Small Groups of up to 4 members must advise SCDS staff of which events they are entering via the studio website Soloists and small group Event Participation Form.… Continue reading 2020 Approved Solo, Small Group Competitions


Diamond Dance Challenge April 2019

April 14-16 saw some of our soloists and duo/trios commence their competition season. We kicked of the event Sunday evening with Mia showcasing her updated Broadway Jazz routine "Greatest Show" in a fierce 12 & Under 13 age division. Mia came home with a HM for her efforts. On Monday we had Lexie showoff her… Continue reading Diamond Dance Challenge April 2019


Repetition and Toddlers

Repetition, repetition Repeating a concept or a skill allows your child to form an understanding and even attempt to imitate it. Your Child may repeat new words back to you as they learn them, and will learn letters and words by repeatedly seeing them written down. Similarly, with physical skills, mathematical concepts and social skills,… Continue reading Repetition and Toddlers