Signature Cheer & Dance Studio is extremely excited to announce that the club will be taking a representative Senior Age group Squad (10-18 years of age) to the Gold Coast in October 2020 to compete in the Aussie Gold International Championship Competition

Applications to join the team can be submitted online at applications must be submitted by August 10th 2019.

Non SCDS students are welcome to apply a video submission demonstrating skills will be required with your application.

Cheer team and Dance Team training will be held alternate fortnights Sunday mornings during Term 2 & 3 2020 with Intensive School holiday training in the July and September School Holidays.

The Details
Our Goal is to take a high quality Level 1 and or 2 Cheerleading team and a Dance Team ( Hip Hop and Poms).
Athletes are required to turn 10 by the 31st of December 2020 and no older than 18 on the 31st of December 2020.

The trip will be approximately 5 days.

The entire trip is required to be booked through Signature Cheer & Dance and there is no option to book items outside of the planned itinerary. Any attempt at alterations will result in the removal of the athlete from the team/s.

Approximate Cost: $945
Custom Team T-Shirt
All Training Sessions
Choreography & Music
Aussie Gold International Entry Fees
Aussie Gold International Athlete Workshops
Possible Entry to DreamWorld/ White Water World & Skydeck

What’s Not Included
Cheer and or Dance Shoes
Food and Spending Money (time will be allocated for team activities and shopping)
Parent Travel Costs                                                                                                                         Athlete Flights and Accommodation
(For non current SCDS Athletes)
Training Uniform $70
Competition Uniform $180 – $240
Team Tracksuit $100
Team Bow $30

Applications to join the team can be submitted online at applications must be submitted by August 10th 2020.

Applicant will be notified of their acceptance to the team between October 30th 2019.

All acceptance paperwork and a 20% deposit  required to accept a position on the team and must be paid by December 1st 2020.
Parents and family members attending will be required to pay a $75.00 deposit + full payment of flights by April 18th.

Training Schedule – TBA

Showoffs & BBQ Dinner – TBA

Applications Open July 1st 2019 at 5pm

Video Tryouts
All tryout videos will need to include the following information:

Full name of athlete
Athlete age as of  December 31st 2018
Best contact number (parent’s phone number)
Where athlete is from (Town or Suburb)
Name of the gym or studio athlete competed with last season
Cheer Level or dance Style the athlete competed last season
Cheerleaders: Position in stunting (main, side, back spot, or flyer) note that front spot is not an option.
Brief explanation of why you want to be a Signature Cheer & Dance Studio Athlete
After providing this information, you can move on to your skills portion of the video.


Cheerleaderss: This will need to include all of the standing and running tumbling that the athlete is able to perform without the assistance of a spotter on a standard spring floor. Any skills thrown with assistance (including skills thrown on a tumble track or rod floor) will not be judged and will not count toward the athlete’s team placement. In the jump portion of the video, we must see 3 connected jumps connected to a tumbling skill. This will be necessary for all levels. We would also like to see the athlete demonstrate their ability as a base or a flyer. Please show your highest level of stunts, including all the body positions, mounts, and dismounts that you are able to perform with perfect technique.  The final portion of the video needs to include a short routine that shows you performing at least one standing tumbling pass, one running tumbling pass, and multiple jumps to standing tumbling. This needs to be done to music with no video editing. *Your personality in your video will also be taken in to consideration.

Dancers: Will need to submit a video of their best Pirouette combination, Grand Jete combination, Right Left and Centre Splits, any acrobatics skills that can be performed safely on the dance floor. Dancers will also need to submit a 2-3 minute routine in the style of their choice.

All video submissions should be emailed to

drobox links and YouTube links are also accepted.