Signature Cheer & Dance Studio is place where kids of all age’s shapes and sizes learn to dance, cheer, singing and performance. This is a studio where creativity, individuality and self-expression are encouraged. Our community of teachers, students and families are passionate and enthusiastic about cheerleading and the performing arts.

Our goal is to create a positive and happy experience for all of our students. We strive to nurture and develop talent, celebrate the achievements of all students and inspire a love and appreciation of all styles of dance, cheer and the arts.

We are committed to providing a safe and positive environment in which all students can feel empowered, comfortable and free to express themselves.



We at Signature Cheer & Dance Studio are committed to inspiring each student to have a passion and love of cheerleading and dance that lasts a lifetime.

We provide our students with a positive, passionate and uplifting experience in a safe and nurturing environment.

At Signature Cheer & Dance Studio we are all about the team and working with our students to achieve their dreams and goals while providing excellence in technical training.

We want our students to be leaders in the community and show confidence in who they are and what they do.

We encourage our students to achieve their best at every age and stage of their cheer and dance career.


Mission Control

2020 Staff & Coaches