Repetition and Toddlers

Repetition, repetition

Repeating a concept or a skill allows your child to form an understanding and even attempt to imitate it. Your Child may repeat new words back to you as they learn them, and will learn letters and words by repeatedly seeing them written down.

Similarly, with physical skills, mathematical concepts and social skills, your child will pick up ideas that are repeated and explained to them.

The KinderBallet Accredited program at Signature Cheer & Dance uses your child’s natural learning system to teach movement, dance, ballet and social skill basics. By having the same program weekly for an entire school term your child can develop the confidence to try new concepts and skills. At the toddler and preschool age children are mimicking what their parent or teacher is doing, through weekly repetition and practice children gradually develop the skills being demonstrated.

The program aims to develop confidence, listening skills, taking turns, following the leader, musicality, rhythm, co-ordination, balance, gross and fine motor skills along with basic age appropriate ballet and dance concepts.

So next time your child asks to watch that same wiggles episode for the hundredth time remember they are learning something new every time they watch.


Miss Amy

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