2019 Uniform

Classical Ballet Primary & Grade 1 – Advanced

Cobalt Annabelle Leotard by Energetks

Cobalt Melody Skirt by Energetiks

Salmon Pink Ballet Tights

Pink Split Sole Leather Ballet Shoes

– Elastics Primary – Grade 3

– Ribbons Grade 4 and above Matte Premium preferred.

Cobalt Hair Scrunchie by Energetiks

Grade 4 and Above Require – Colbalt Practice Tutu (1/2 Tutu) – Purchase through SCDS Child’s Size $50.00, Adult Size $60.00

Grade 5 & 6 Require

A Character Skirt – Purchased through SCDS Child’s $55, Adults $60

Canvas Character Shoes – Cuban heel – From Energetiks

For winter students may wear a Signature Cheer & Dance Studio Cross Over. Purchase through SCDS $32.00

Students Grade 5 and above who meet the following criteria will require pointe shoes.

– Participate in 2 Ballet classes per week.

– Have been training in Classical Ballet for a minimum of 2 years.

– Have taken 12 months of Pre Pointe training.

– Have passed a Pre Pointe Assessment with our preferred physiotherapist.

Grooming: Hair in a neat ballet bun with cobalt blue scrunchie around the bun.

Jazz / Kicks, Leaps & Turns Uniform

Tan Jazz Shoes

Skin Tone Tights

Cobalt Annabelle Leotard – From Energetiks

SCDS Logo Shorts with orange waist band – Purchase through SCDS $35.00

Grooming; Neat high ponytail.


Cobalt Annabelle Leotard – From Energetiks

Skin tone convertible tights

Grooming; Neat Ballet Bun with Cobalt Blue Scrunchie around the bun.

Hip Hop & Cheerleading

SCDS Logo Racerback Top with orange trim – Purchase through SCDS $35.00

SCDS Logo Roll Top Shorts orange & black – Purchase through SCDS $35.00

SCDS Logo Crop Top orange &black – Purchase through SCDS $30.00

Cheerleaders Require Cheerleading Shoes – Purchase through SCDS

Hip Hop Require black canvas runners (available at target or big w)

Cheerleaders Require and SCDS Cheer Bow – $15.00

Grooming: Cheerleaders; High ponytail with practice bow on top.

Hip Hip; Neat High Ponytail.

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