What we learn at the leader local sports star awards!

On Tuesday the 18th of October I attended the Leader Local sports star awards with My mum, husband and oldest daughter Ella who was a Finalist for the Young Sports Spirit Award.

The event was held at the MCG function rooms.

We were treated to finger food and drinks on arrival and then seated for our 2 course dinner. There were over 400 people in attendance.

It was a very special affaire.

The one of the highlights was the three guest speakers all recipients of the Victorian Leader Local Sports Star award in their youth.

Mathew Richardson – Retired AFL footballer for Richmond.

Jessica Gallagher – Paralympian – Competed in Netball & Basketball – won Bronze in the sligeghlm in vancouver – Long jump and javelin in London olympics, cycled at the Rio olympics and won a Bronze medal. – One of her long term goals was to be the first olympian to medal at a Summer and Winter Games. – This women is incredible.

Michael Klim – Retired Olympic Swimmer

Some of their advice was on social media. Jessicas advice was if your mum and grandma wouldn’t write it you probably shouldn’t.

Don’t read fan feedback after a bad game gets your really down.

The only opinion that matters is your coaches and your team mates.

Team work is critical.

Trust is the most important skill you can develop with your team mates.

Your team will support you when your in a difficult moment and you can give support when your team mate is struggling.

Getting to know your team mates outside of the sport. All good teams are close off the field which makes you stronger on the field.

Obviously the Highlight of the night was Junior athlete Ella being awarded Youth Sports Spirit award for the Sunbury Macedon Ranges Region. She was awarded the medallion for her achievements in cheerleading and dance at a state level.

Ella was very shocked and overwhelmed by the event but it is a moment she will remember for a long time. Especially making new friends from all over the state in various other sports.




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