Why I teach!

Studio Director Amy here. I thought I’d share a small bit about why I love teaching.

I love working with kids, I love watching them grow and develop into amazing people. I love helping my students to explore and learn. I am passionate about giving my students the opportunity to be brave and try new things in a safe and encouraging environment. My biggest pet peeve is unsafe dance and cheerleading training. The safety of my students is my first priority. This influences my decisions in every aspect of the studio. You can be assured that:

  • I only hire staff I trust to teach my own children
  • Only use music appropriate for each age and stage of development.
  • I only choose costumes that keep our students covered. No Bras and Nicker combo’s here. If I wouldn’t send my kids out in public in it you won’t see your child in it.
  • I will always have your child’s physical and emotional safety as a top priority.
  • Staff and volunteers will be fully qualified and experienced, hold first aid qualifications as well as a working with children’s check.

Dancing and Cheerleading should be fun but it should also be safe.

Thanks to OMG photography for the great photo.

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