Life, Kids, business and Chores!!!

So its currently school holidays and I’m busy getting ready to have major surgery in 7 days. Eek. For me that means getting the house in some sort of order, setting the studio to run for at least 3 weeks without me and getting my kids on board to help out more than they do while I’m recovering.

So today my day consisted of my usual chores sweeping the kitchen and living room, dishes, laundry and general tidying. Being a creative person our space tends to be cluttered and unorganised to the uninitiated. However I’m working to declutter and organise better my kids not so on board with it. So today’s challenge was the home office which holds not only my studio office, hubbies office and home office it also contains all the studios merchandise, stationary, costumes, advertising material, class props and equipment. It’s a cluttered mess. But today I tackled it with gusto and removed old, out dated and unused items and found a remarkable amount of space.

My girls also helped me deliver flyers in our local area for 1.5 hours and set to tidying their own rooms. When I suggested that tomorrow I set aside 20 minutes to help my 8 year old declutter and tidy her room. Her response nah it’s ok my rooms good like this I can walk from my door to my bed. Really???? Anyone else have kids like this????

Honestly it’s probably my own fault she’s a creative like me which means clutter doesn’t bother her as long as she can find what she needs.

Well we will see what tomorrow brings and wether I can persuade her to sort through some clutter tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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