1.5 – 5 year old classes

Signature Cheer & Dance studio offers 2 Program streams for children 1.5 years old – 5 years old.

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Kinderballet Accredited classes offer toddlers and pre-schoolers an opportunity to experience Classical Ballet through fun and creative theme classes. It is aimed at promoting Classical Ballet & instilling an appreciation of ballet & dance in general. At the heart of Kinderballet is a new ballet program specially developed for pre-schoolers.


TwinkleStars an electrifying and supercharged cheerleading program to enchant and fascinate young children. Lively and entertaining activities keep your child wanting more every lesson. TwinkleStars classes use imaginative and creative imagery to engage every child in all aspects of early years cheerleading skills.


Signature Cheer & Dance estudio Toddler Ballet
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