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We have made some changes and have a new website to go with our new name please visit us at www.signatureallstarz.com.au

Miss Isabel 10 years old recently performed her first ever soloing public at Signature Cheer & Dance studios in house concert. She was so excited but nerves got the better of her. Her dance teacher Miss Kirstie and Miss Amy along with all her dance friends gave her such wonderful support and encouragement – Isabel then went on to dance such a beautiful piece……….she absolutely loves SCDS


Tina Scott (Isabel`s Mum)

Signature Cheer & Dance Studio Hip Hop

Miss Isabel 10 years old

My experiences with Signature Cheer and Dance Studio over the past three years of my children’s dance has been phenomenal. My daughter was looking for something extra to do on a Saturday, we gave Little Aths a go, but it wasn’t for her, she’s a dancer, so when I discovered that one of her dance teachers had started up her own studio and was offering cheerleading, well we had to give it a go. I can honestly say we’ve never looked back since. The staff at Signature Cheer and Dance Studio are extremely friendly, loving and welcoming, it’s a lovely vibe that is so welcoming and there is a real family atmosphere. When we moved house we had to say goodbye to a dance school that we’d been with for a long time, all my girls knew Amy so the transition was really easy. What I love about the dance classes at Signature Cheer and Dance is that the routines are always different; every time you walk into the studio the kids are always learning something new to add into their routine or they are learning different skills and exercises in order to build their strength. There is individual help for all of the children which encourages them and it’s not just to the top students, it’s EVERYONE, everyone is catered for at Signature Cheer and Dance. Signature Cheer and Dance Studio is our second family, I often have my daughters friends over at the weekend, or they go to their fiends houses, these are lifelong friendships that they are making and the teachers are just amazing.

 – Gillian Romeijn

Romeijn Sisters

The Romeijn Girls

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